Every baby's favorite elephant!

It’s important that the quality of the product is high. That’s why every piece of fabric is check by hand for any flaws.


Searching for the right fabric is time consuming but worth it as the material can make or break the feeling a baby has for a product.


The patterns are colorful and easily recognisable for small kids.


Baby’s and todlers love to put in their mouth whatever they can lay their fingers on to. That’s why the choosen materials are safe to chew on.


The design and assembling is done in a way that there is no risk of swallowing loose parts  when they come off. Simply because the small items are reduced to zero.


All products are tested by our own two children. This resulted in products that on second glance were less usefull as designed or a better assebling technique to endure the strength of an angry toddler getting teeth.


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